Drawn from rich life experience and potent sacred designs.

Adya and Velan hold a private mentoring space that activates and accelerates healing and transformation. Enabling widened sight, visceral self responsibility and a passionate commitment to evolution, these containers invite raw and true intimacy. 

The personal connection established through these bodies of work enliven trust and reveal a sense of true purpose within the wide web of life, for a lasting and sustainable sense of belonging online or in-person.


A Meeting with Truth

A 10 week private mentoring experience with Adya

At the core of my intention, is the longing to support fellow travellers of life to access clarity, sovereignty, peace and embodied presence. I am passionate about activating radical self-responsibility, and through fierce loving, I will call you into the expression of your highest self.

Through this process, we will follow a map that draws upon the wisdom of the elements and the Blueprint of the Chakra system. We re-awaken a deeper connection to how these elements vibrate within the body, mind and essence and connect us to the source of creation itself. This journey establishes intimacy and trust, and the designs, practices and rituals create a foundation of support so that you may rise more deeply into congruence and alignment with life.

This Mentorship process reveals the wisdom within, while cultivating a new relationship with the reflection of nature as a door for personal and collective evolution.

Themes for our Journey

A 10 week private mentoring experience with Adya


A 10 week private mentoring experience with Velan

This is powerful work. A container. A meeting with truth. To welcome all that is. To be held accountable.

We will create practices for vitality. We will unlock the energetic pathways that have been frozen. We will create pathways of healing in relationship to self and others. We will look at the dojo of life as a teaching ground for real transformation.

In this process, we will decode the mind, and activate principles, practices, & rituals that create sustainable change.

This work creates safety, opens new pathways of seeing and at its core reveals a place to rest inside.

This is a calling, to dare to show up to yourself & grow.

Keys of this Work

A 10 week private mentoring experience with Adya

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