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Online Work

Altar of Woman Apprenticeship

For Personal and Collective Evolution – January 2023

Course Details

The Work

An Earth School. a leadership training, a space to align with the global sisterhood and nourish personal and collective evolution.

This work is a calling home to the body and awaken a living realisation of the sacred woven within the fabric of life. This 12 week process supports us as women to rise even further in purpose, service and love.

Working with the natural forces and the guidance of the circle, we are held, nourished and informed about how to embrace a life of deep alignment and sacred activism.

By the Earth That Is Her Body
The Water That Is Her Blood
The Air That Is Her Breath And The Fire That Is Her Spirit

Art of Relating

Sex, Intimacy & Regenerative Culture with Adya and Velan – November 2023

Course Details

The Work

A 6 week series Online​

A potent distillation of how to seed, renew and generate a  new culture of relating.

An exploration of vital tools to traverse the landscapes of relating as a doorway for evolution. Activating new regenerative pathways for sexual intimacy, a widening somatic vocabulary, addressing relational wounding, and opening to a profound meeting of truth. This work moves far beyond partnership and echoes into the terrain of an abundant thriving life.

This Journey is Open for ALL who long to deepen in love and evolve – You don’t need to be in a committed relationship to join this course, and yet this work is deeply transformative for couples of any and all constellations.

This course contains…

Pre- recorded Video content  -To support the focus of self inquiry and the cultivation of energy.

Daily practices – Videos to inspire consistent embodiment practice and the foundation for growth and healing

Weekly in person meetings on Zoom – These meetings will be held by Adya and Velan,

exploring and sharing about the theme for each week. In these meetings there will be space for sharing and questions.

***Meeting live is optimal, but each session will be recorded so you are welcome to follow the course in your own timing***


We meet every week for 6 weeks at 10am Sydney time, Sunday mornings (first session early Nov ) 

And Saturdays 5pm LA, 8pm New York (first session early Nov)

If the live meeting is too late for our european friends, consider joining the circle and visiting the zoom recordings for an equally deep and potent experience.

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Your Guides


Through over 2 decades of study and passionate exploration of various forms of yoga and energy work, Adya has experienced a deep meeting with the vast realms of the inner body, revealing a profound path of healing and mystery. 

Adya has trained in Hatha yoga, yoga therapy, art therapy, prenatal yoga, various forms of somatic healing, and in her early years she was a birth doula. 

For the past 15 years, Adya has held embodiment workshops and Yoga Teacher training in PachaMama, a transformation center in Costa Rica. There she was exposed to Native traditions of Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador and North America and has been deeply influenced by the Earth path of the Red Road.

Now based in the Byron Bay Shire in Australia, she is currently under the instruction of Carmen Vicente, a revered medicine woman of Ecuador. Adya is now participating in Carmens School of Secrets, deepening her exploration of the mysteries of Woman.


Velan is a movement devotee, and has been teaching in the field of human transformation for the last 15 years.

Velan is passionate about cultivating energy and exploring the limits, edges and boundaries of the human experience.

He is a powerful activator and shares a unique balance between dynamism and stillness. 

Velan is deeply influenced by Master Zhen Hua Yang a Shaolin monk, Carmita Vicente (Chief, Medicine Woman of Ecuador), The 360 Emergence and the traditions of the Vision Quest and the Sun Dance, which has deeply shaped his sharing of embodiment, healing and activism. 

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